Plattsmouth History #365

Plattsmouth Aerie #365 was organized and instituted on April 19, 1903 by D.W. McLane, Grand Worthy Secretary, with 66 members on the charter. The institution was held at eight o’clock in the evening above Atwood’s drug store on the south side of main street between 5th and 6th streets. Henry Donat was named the instituting Past Grand Worth President, and formally installed the officers for the first year.
Meetings were held in the Atwood building and Beacon building, until buying their first home on March 27, 1929 at 132 South 6th street, for $6,742. The mortgage was later burned 17 years later, on February 10, 1944.
In 1921, Plattsmouth Aerie #365 was the site of a State Convention. Wm. M Barclay was elected to serve as State President of Nebraska for the term 1921-22.
In 1935, Plattsmouth Aerie #365 was once again the site of a State Convention. Arthur L. Kief was elected to serve as the Nebraska State President for the term of 1935-36.
April 27, 1952, a State Auxiliary was instituted, and Dorothy Janecek from Plattsmouth Auxiliary #365 was appointed as the first Madam State President.
1965-66, the first Plattsmouth Aerie and Auxiliary members to serve as State Presidents for the same term , were Jack O’Donnell and Irene (Smith) Kimble.
Plattsmouth Aerie #365 has had six Nebraska State Presidents:
William M. Barclay, (1921-22), Arthur L. Kief , (1935-36), John J. O’Donnell, (1964-65), Art Newburn, (1983-84) (WCRP 1983-84), Thomas Beins, (1993-94) (WCRP 1997-98), Kenneth Anderson, (2003-04) (WCRP 2011-12)
Three State Fathers of the Year: William P. O’Donnell, (1966-67), Charles Janecek, (1982-83), Bill Wilson (1986-87)
Three Nebraska Hall of Fame recipients: Art Hay, 2002-03), Tom Beins, 2005-06), Art Newburn (2006-07), Kenneth Anderson, (2014-15) ???
October 21, 22 1989 Platsmouth Aerie #365 was the host of a West Central Regional Conference
January 17, 1928, the ladies Auxiliary to Plattsmouth Aerie #365 was organized by Mrs. Hewitt
March 30, 1938 the charter was revoked (unknown reason)
March 6, 1949, the Auxiliary was once again organized by Dorothy Janecek and instituted by Lowell L. Burrill
Plattsmouth Auxiliary #365 has had four Nebraska State Presidents
Dorothy Janecek (1965-66), Irene Smith Kimble (1965-66), Joyce Anderson (2003-04), Merri Smalley (2014-15)