Platte (Columbus) #1834 History

On January 13, 1909, Platte Aerie #1834, Fraternal Order of Eagles was born, with 77 Charter members. The most ironic thing of all that we found in the minutes back to 1909, was they held their meetings at 2207 11th Street in the Maennerechor Hall, which is where they were until moving to the 3205 12th Street location, and where it truly all began. Chas F. Segelke was the first Worthy President and the highlight of the first year was the First Anniversary to be held (at guess where), the Maennerchor Hall, 2207 11th Street. On June 10, 1910, the Eagles leased a building on the upper floor of 2413 ½ 11th Street for $310 a year. On June 30 1910, Platte Aerie joined the State Association. The first Ritual Team was organized July 10, 1913. In 1914, they discussed the purchase of the Maennerchor Hall. They lost their lease so they began meeting at the Herchenhan Hall at the cost of $2.00 a meeting night. They struggled and in 1922 their hall rent was raised to $2.50 a meeting. On April 14, 1927 they purchased the building at 10th Street and 23rd Avenue for $5,000. At the state convention at Omaha #38 in 1927, Brother P.J. McCaffrey was installed as State President and he did not complete his term. At the 1941 state convention the Ritual Team won first place in competition and were sent to Chicago for National convention. In June 1959 the Aerie decided to sell the 10th Street property for $17,500.00 and bought the Sons of Herman Hall at 2220 11th Street on January 1960. They had to surrender their liquor license due to the church across the street (at 2207 11th Street) and became a bottle club once again.

Things began to move again and the hall was decorated to become the new Eagles Home. On May 11, 1961 the Aerie voted to accept an auxiliary and Evelyn Harral was appointed as the Lady Organizer and one month later at the state convention in Fremont, it was announced that she had acquired the 40 applicants and COLUMBUS would have an Auxiliary. On August 6, 1961 the Auxiliary was instituted with 50 charter members. Guess what, they heard the church was for sale at the cost of $24,500.00 and our offer was accepted on May 1962. After much work we moved into the 2207 – 11th Street building on October 14, 1962. Our 54th Anniversary was celebrated in fashion in the very same hall as was our very First Anniversary. The Aerie and Auxiliary continued to grow and having sold the memorable 2207 11thStreet property moved into the Stone Creek Water Bed plant on February 1995. We are still here at 12th Street and 33rd Avenue at the property we bought for $165,000 and love it.

JUNE 1963, Dr. Elliott became an Honorary State President for serving the required 10 years as State Treasurer. At the 1965 State Convention Brother C. L. Rick Harral was elected State Trustee. Evelyn Harral was elected to the office of State Madam President in June 1971, having held office since 1962. Rick Harral was elected State Worthy President in June 1974. In August 1974 Evelyn Harral was elected to the office of Grand Auxiliary Trustee; August 1975 Grand Auxiliary Treasurer and August 1976, Grand Auxiliary Secretary. Past State Worthy Presidents including Rick Harral were Emil Mueller, Milton Wagner, John G. Smith, Dana Went, Robert Runquist, Todd Bollig and Honorary State Presidents, P. W. Elliott and Larry Whiting. The Auxiliary Past State Madam Presidents are Evelyn Harral, Karen Kyriss, and Denise Miller. Cheri Bollig is currently serving as the State Madam President-Elect. Dennis MIcek is in his 7th year as State Aerie Secretary. Also the home of State Auxiliary Trustee Diane Wilkin.