Fremont #200


Sixty-six men, in the year 1902, having heard of the good work being done by a new organization known as the Fraternal Order of Eagles, applied for permission to establish an Aerie in Fremont and were granted their charter.

The first Aerie home of these Charter members was at 145 East 5th, where they used the second floor of the building now occupied by Great Plains Stereo. Aerie 200’s next home was on the north side of 6th Street (140 East 6th) between Park and Main, and from that location they moved back to 118 -120 East 5th Street above what is now the Nebraska Health & Human Services. The next move was to the building at 511-519 North Broad, which was purchased by the Aerie in 1930. (Addresses were obtained from City Directories at the Fremont Chamber of Commerce)

In 1948, this building was sold, and property in the 600 block on North Main Street was purchased as the site for a proposed new Aerie Home. Here, on March 21, 1949, groundbreaking ceremonies for the new building took place as the first shovel of dirt was turned by Charles H. Goodhard, who was our Worthy President at that time. Construction was completed in March, 1950, and we moved into our beautiful new quarter-of-a-million dollar Home at        649 North Main Street.

For a number of years, the Aerie sponsored teams in city softball leagues, baseball, bowling leagues. The Eagles team was champion in 1940. The Aerie sponsored a Canteen for Teen-agers in 1947, 1948, and 1949. The Aerie worked in conjunction with the Superintendent of Schools, the YMCA, etc. to formulate programs for Teen-age activities. Every Friday night, the Eagle Ballroom was open to these young people and music for dancing was furnished by an automatic record changer. The Teen-agers, themselves, planned additional entertainment, such as games, skits, and folk dancing.
The Eagle Canteen was a very popular meeting place and on several occasions had an attendance of 500 happy Teen-agers.

The Canteen was closed when the Aerie sold its building and the Eagles donated $750.00 to help the Teen-agers in establishing the Wel-Com-In, their new Canteen on North Broad Street. After moving into our present building, youth and teens were offered square dance lessons in the basement for a few years.

The years spent in our present building have been productive as well. People Helping People, the Aerie has raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for National and Local Charities. The Ritual Teams have competed in many State and International Conventions and were champions many times. Sponsoring bowling teams, softball and baseball teams has kept our name alive for many years as well.

The Aerie Home is still a place that you can be proud to bring your whole family – grandpa & grandma, parents, kids, and grandkids are always welcome here. Our Aerie usually has teams enter the State Shuffleboard and Pool Tournaments every year. Both of these activities are available at the Club every day. Bring your friends on down and spend some time with us.

The Aerie & Auxiliary are proud of our past state officers –

Waldo Wintersteen PWSP 1913-14

S. H. Spence PWSP 1931-32,

Walter Bunton PWSP 1938-39, 

   Harold Greenlee PWSP 1941-41, 

Ken Johnson PWSP 1991-92,

Al Detmer State Secretary 1988-2003,

Viloa Ruppert PMSP 1973-74,

Marcella Hein State Trustee 1976-79.

Iva Johnson PSMP & Past WCR President

Past State Fathers of the Year include

Hugo Haubensaak, Floyd Ruppert. Herman Alexander, Lowell Mattson, Raymond Obermiller, and Dave Webster.

Past Auxiliary Mothers of the Year include

the state’s 1st State Mother Audrey Hansen 1961-62, Dorothy Belardinelli, Marcella Hein, Doris Arnold, Margie Jensen

State Grandmother Marcella Hein.

Currently, Dale Miller serves the state as outside guard.

Victor Wennstedt has 69 years, holding the honor of the longest membership.